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DISCLAIMER: Some designs are fan art only and not intended for sale. We do not work for the teams depicted nor represent them. All photos, logos, emblems, trademarks etc. used on these designs are copyright items of their respective owners. Any form of design reproduction with the intent to profit interferes with the owners rights and is strictly prohibited, copyright violations can lead to legal prosecution. GTM Sports Banners purpose is to provide fans with professional designs and expects the users of fanpages and group forums to use these designs for personal use only, therefore GTM Sports Banners is not responsible for any copyright trademark violations made by outside parties. This site is not licensed by any corporation. GTM Sports Banners Graphics may be used for your Facebook page headers or blogs, but by no means are individuals allowed to alter GTM Sports Banners for their personal use. You may not remove the designer's website addresses, names, or make any alterations to the design. If you would like a custom Facebook/Youtube header, professional logo design, event flyer or poster? Please check out our pricing details and contact us.

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